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My kink is not okay, but I am :D
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Fanfic as a welcome

There has to be an inaugural post, so here: slashfic written a while ago. I don't know if it's intentionally bad or if I poured my entire writing talent into it, but the important thing is: it makes you think about Bill Bailey and Mark Lamarr doing THINGS.

Each week Mark sits across from Bill and does his best to totally and completely insult him. When he'd first started on the show, Bill had found the barrage of sarcasm an annoyance, but after a while he started to give as good back, shooting of ripostes faster and faster until the energy of heir verbal sparring seemed to zing between them, sending shivers over Bill's furred skin.

And now after each show, Mark walks past him on the way to the dressing rooms and absently says "No hard feelings, right?" But for Bill, when it comes to Mark Lamarr, there will always be hard feelings...

in his pants.


Ha! The world needs Bill!sex.

lol! i actually really, really like the idea of mark/bill :-)